Homemade Sprout Sandwich Recipe Two Ways!

Back in 2020, I became really invested in my gut health and in doing a lot of research I found that sprouts are one of the best little super foods for your microbiome. If you are new to the world of sprouting, check out my blog on everything you need to know about sprouts, here! Today, I wanted to share with you one of my all-time favourite ways to eat and prepare sprouts.

Vegan Sprout Sandwich
Tuna Sprout Sandwich Recipe

Power Punch Sprout Sandwich:

For those of you who either don’t like Tuna or are following a vegan diet, this version is for you! Not only is this sandwich tasty, but it’s also filled with so many amazing nutrients! Sprouts are rich in several important nutrients. For the most part, they contain high levels of folate, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin K. Also, another key ingredient in this sandwich, arugula, is proven to help lower blood pressure. “the nitrate in arugula may help lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health” – Proactive Health Labs. This delicious sandwich will have you feeling full, and your body energized to tackle the rest of the day!

How to make the best vegan sandwich
Vegan Sprout Sandwich Recipe

Tuna Sprout Sandwich:

I mainly eat a fully plant-based diet with the exception of incorporating sustainably caught fish. And if you are a tuna lover like me, you will definetly want to add this recipe to your lunch roster. For the tuna salad mixture, I added a tablespoon of vegan mayo, and a little bit of sriracha for some flavour, but that’s it. If you feel like adding a little bit of butter you definetly can, but I would encourage you to try adding a little bit of hot sauce instead.

Tuna Mayo Recipe Mixture
Tuna Sprout Sandwich Recipe

Homemade Sprout Sandwich Two Ways!

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Recipe by Justin Pasutto


  • Power Punch Sprout Sandwich:
  • 2 pieces of Sourdough

  • 1 tsp of Marmite

  • 1 Avocado

  • Handful of Sprouts

  • Handful of Arugula

  • Sriracha or any hot sauce

  • Tuna Sprout Sandwich:
  • 1 Can Tuna

  • Handful of Arugula

  • Handful of Sprouts

  • Sriracha of any hot sauce

  • Vegan Mayo

  • Butter optional


  • Power Punch Sprout Sandwich:
  • Toast bread. While bread is toasting, cut open avocado, remove pit and skin. Add marmite and avocado to bread.
  • Add arugula, sprouts, top with sriracha, and enjoy!
  • Tuna Sprout Sandwich:
  • Open can of tuna and drain most of the water, but keep a smidge of water in there so it doesn’t completely dry up.
  • Add tuna, mayo (optional), and sriracha to a bowl and mix. While you are doing this toast your bread, I like to use sourdough, but feel free to use whatever bread you like. If you are looking for a calorie-friendly option, try rice crackers.
  • Transfer the mixture to your bread, you can opt to butter your bread, but since we are trying to keep this healthy, I don’t. If you feel the need to add butter try to substitute it with other flavours like hot sauce, pepper, and salt.
  • Top your sandwich with handful of arugula, sprouts, and cheese if you are not vegan.
  • Enjoy with a nutrient-packed green smoothie or a hoppy beer.

This recipe is delicious, healthy, and amazing for your gut health and microbiome. This took Rachelle and I about 15 minutes to prepare, but keep in mind we were shooting this AND writing the blog at the same time. You can enjoy either of these sandwiches with a nice hoppy local beer or if you are really wanting to keep this meal healthy, opt for a nutrient-packed green smoothie instead!



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