An Exciting Eleven Acres Farm Update You Won’t Want to Miss!

Many of you have been following along our journey of working on the farm, and I have got some updates for you! If you’ve been following along our farm journey from Jill and I then you would know that we have been so busy! Check out my latest reel, where I show you some before and after of work we have done on the farm with the tractor!

Orange Kubota tractor in a field with text explaining each part of the tractor.

Cruise control, bluetooth audio. heated and air conditioned cab, LED area work lights, horn front loader, 30 horsepower engine, mid mount option, rugged tires, rear 27HP hydraulic independent PTO, rotary tiller, standard 3 point hook up.

The Kubota tractor has been a game changer for me on the farm. Every feature shown in the photo above has played a big part in bringing our little farm to life.

Orange Kubota Tractor in between rows of flowers

How I created flower fields on the Farm!

A few months back when I created the rows for the flowers, I used the rotary tiller at the back of the tractor to dig through the dirt to till the soil to prepare the rows for planting the flowers. I have created over 20 rows and planted flower seeds in every single row!

The rotary tiller was incredible to use for the flower field, but it has so many other capabilities. You can use the rotary tiller for many landscaping and gardening projects, and it is able to work close to fence lines, bushes, trees and buildings around the area. The rotary tiller has a 15’ rotor swing diameter which helps turn the soil over much faster while enabling deep tilling.

Photo of flower field, has many rows of flowers. farm progress

In the front of the tractor there is the front loader, I was able to use that to dump out fresh compost to till back into the soil to help give nutrients to the flower seeds as they started to grow.

I was able to use the backhoe attachment on the back of the tractor to dig in trenches to put in our irrigation lines to get water to all of the different rows of flowers. The backhoe attachment is built by Kubota and is designed to maximize the backhoe and tractor. It’s super easy to remove so I can use other features of the tractor.

We have a dirt road on the farm that needed a little TLC, so I used the box scraper to clean up the road. I was able to rip out old roots in the ground so that our friends and family wouldn’t trip over them while walking around the farm. I also leveled out the road to make it easier for us to drive and park our vehicles. 

Justin Pasutto standing in a pasture field looking at the lake view. Future farm plans!

Future projects on the Farm

One of the projects on the farm that I have been gearing up for is cutting the big pasture fields. I don’t think I would be able to cut them if I didn’t have a tractor. I’ll be using the rotary cutter for this massive job. The rotary cutter is absolutely something I need to cut our fields. It’s going to be a big job but thankfully the tractor has an air conditioned cab and bluetooth so I can keep cool and jam out while cutting the pasture. If I didn’t have this tractor to be able to cut our pasture fields, I don’t even know what I would have done to keep them maintained.

Photo of Justin Pasutto in the Kubota tractor driving into a pasture field with the grass cutter behind the tractor. farm progress.

The Kubota tractor has been an amazing addition to our small farm, and it has been so fun to use in our daily tasks as we make the farm exactly what we want it to be. Learning all about the tractor and being able to use it daily has been so seamless and fun to learn.

Photo of Justin Pasutto in the Kubota tractor in his barn with the doors open. farm progress.

With summer in full swing, I’ve started to think about projects that we’ll be able to accomplish in the fall and winter with the tractor. Can’t wait to share more about what we have coming up at the farm!


Please note that this blog post was sponsored by Kubota, but all thoughts and opinions were my own!

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