Let’s Road Trip through BC’s Wine Country

Did you know April is BC Wine Month?? And I’m going on a road trip and you’re coming with me! We’re going to experience what BC Wine has to offer 🍷😎 From yoga and horseback riding to food pairings and even sabering a wine bottle, BC wineries have so much to offer. The common theme throughout all the wineries is that they make you feel right at home.

Join me as I take you along to 3 different BC wine regions and enjoy EPIC experiences at each winery. Check out this youtube video below to journey along with me through BC’s wine country ⬇️ and if you haven’t seen part 1 or part 2 of my road trip over on Instagram, definitely take a look at those and get excited about what you can experience at a BC winery!

Our journey through BC wine country begins in Salmon Arm, where vineyards stretch towards the horizon and the promise of exceptional wines beckons. Our first stop takes us to Waterside Winery, a charming estate nestled on the shores of a shimmering lake. Here, amidst panoramic views and gentle breezes, we discover a farm to winery approach. Around the winery are animals, gorgeous views and a quaint building where you can sit and enjoy fresh foods and tasty wine.

Waterside Winery is a testament to the beauty and bounty of the Shuswap wine region, with its picturesque setting and dedication to crafting premium wines. As we wander through the vineyards and sip on their meticulously crafted vintages, we can’’t help but feel a sense of connection to the land and the passionate people who tend to it. An amazing experience you can find here and at other wineries is yoga! Picture this, an hour of yoga outside in the quiet before enjoying some wine in the sun after?? Grace and Flow hosts yoga experiences at several wineries and it’s definitely something to check out.

Continuing our adventure, we make our way to Larch Hills Winery, a hidden gem tucked away in the hills overlooking the valley. This family-owned estate is known for its welcoming atmosphere and friendly experience. Here, amidst the rolling hills, we indulge in their signature wine, Ortega. With sweeping views of the surrounding wilderness, this off-the-beaten-path gem offers a truly immersive wine experience. The moment you walk through the doors and start chatting with them, you’ll get an incredible sense of family values. If they don’t get the chance to offer first, ask for a tour of the winery! From the production area, wine making or the rows of vines, there is something for everyone to see and experience.

Leaving the Shuswap behind, we traverse scenic backroads to reach the tranquil beauty of the Thompson Valley region. Our next destination? Monte Creek Winery, where rugged terrain and rolling hills provide the perfect backdrop for a day of wine tasting. Here, we immerse ourselves in the bold flavours of their Cabernet Sauvignon and the crisp acidity of their Chardonnay, each sip a testament to the unique terroir of the area.

Monte Creek Winery is in a stunning location in Kamloops. A hidden gem that is unlike anything else in that area and an amazing place to have a wedding or a fabulous dinner. Monte Creek has an epic patio for a long table dinner experience with food prepared from Sage and Plate.

Our final leg of the journey brings us to the rugged beauty of the Okanagan Valley where we stumble upon Lightning Rock Winery, a boutique estate perched on the edge of a cliff in Summerland. At Lightning Rock Winery you’ll find incredibly knowledgeable and passionate people pouring and making the wine. I had the opportunity to disgorge a bottle of sparkling wine, this is an integral part of the production process. After learning more about the winery and the history there I got to do something epic…I got to SABER a bottle of wine!!! This was insane. I felt so cool doing this and now I want to pick up my own sword to have in my man cave…

Also in Summerland, where vineyards cling to steep slopes overlooking the lake, we find Lunessence Winery and Vineyard. Lunessence is dedicated to crafting wines that reflect the purity of the land, with organic grapes and minimal intervention winemaking techniques. Being able to sit on the patio with a charcuterie board and enjoy a wine tasting with incredible views was everything. You can also quite literally see the vines from which your wine was made from. Nearby there is a beautiful hiking trail if you want to get out into nature before enjoying some incredible wine.

As our adventure continues, we make a stop at Garnet Valley Ranch, a historic estate steeped in tradition and charm. Here, amidst rolling pastures and acres of vines, we discover another amazing way of Summerland winemaking.

Garnet Valley Ranch is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I’m a huge fan of the western TV show Yellowstone and when I arrived at this winery I felt like I’d stepped into my own version of that. When you pull up to Garnet Valley Ranch, you’re stepping into a unique experience. Exclusive wine tasting experiences that you can do via golf cart or by horseback. Driving by golf cart or by horseback offers two totally different ways to explore the winery. After the vineyard tour, you head back to the outpost for a wine tasting of some delicious wines.

So far all these wineries have so many different experiences to offer and there is really something for everyone to enjoy.

Our journey continues with a visit to See Ya Later Ranch, perched atop Hawthorne Mountain in Okanagan Falls. This iconic winery offers not only exquisite wines but also breathtaking views of the valley below. You’ll get swept away by the charm and hospitality of this beloved estate. See Ya Later Ranch is a family friendly and dog friendly winery, serving up delicious food and gorgeous wine tasting flights. I even tried their iconic rosé slushies, and don’t worry there is an alcohol-free option for your kids! You can really plan to spend a good portion of your day up at See Ya Later Ranch. With lawn games, amazing food and gorgeous views, you don’t need much else! If you’re lucky, you may be there when a wedding is going on which is always fun to see.

Next on our list is Bartier Bros. Vineyard & Winery, a family-owned operation dedicated to producing exceptional wines that showcase the unique terroir of the South Okanagan. Nestled in the heart of wine country in Oliver, this boutique winery invites us to experience their passion for winemaking firsthand. The Bartier brothers are icons in the BC winery scene. Their names came up often at other wineries, the brothers either helped get the winery started or helped consult the wineries. Bartier Bros. Vineyard & Winery has an incredible experience of wine tasting and pairing it with local cheeses. After the wine tasting I played a few rounds of bocce ball which I quite enjoyed!

Our wine journey through BC wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the District Wine Village to pop into Canter Cellars. Canter has a warm and welcoming atmosphere and you’re met with friendly faces! Canter Cellars delivers wines of exceptional character and complexity. The experience Canter offers is pairing their wines with food bites in a sit-down experience.

April is BC Wine month and that welcomes a flurry of activity as wineries across the region kick off the season with festivals and gatherings to celebrate the budding vines and new releases. Visitors can partake in vineyard tours, barrel tastings, and special wine-paired dinners, yoga and wine tasting to fully immerse themselves in the sights, smells, and flavours of the wine country.

As summer sizzles, BC wineries invite guests to bask in the sunshine and savour the fruits of their labour at outdoor picnics, garden parties, and sunset soirées. From lively wine events to intimate winemaker dinners, there’s no shortage of opportunities to raise a glass and toast to the joys of summer in wine country.

Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply looking for a memorable way to spend a day, BC winery events offer a taste of local culture, hospitality, and of course, world-class wines. So, mark your calendars and raise a glass to the spirit of community and camaraderie that thrives in BC wine country all year round.

As we bid farewell to BC wine country, we’re reminded of the incredible diversity and unparalleled beauty that this region has to offer. From the sun-drenched vineyards of the Okanagan to the hidden gems of the Shuswap and the rugged beauty of Thompson Valley, each winery tells a unique story of passion, dedication, and craftsmanship.

So, whether you’re exploring the cool-climate varieties of Waterside Winery, savouring the artisanal wines of Larch Hills, or indulging in the bold flavours of Monte Creek, there’s no shortage of ways to celebrate BC Wine Month and support local wineries. Grab your corkscrew, hit the road, and embark on your own wine-filled adventure through the heart of British Columbia. Cheers to April, cheers to BC Wine Month, and cheers to the unforgettable experiences awaiting you in our beloved wine country.

I raise my glass to toast the end of my epic journey, grateful for the experiences I had and the wineries I got to experience! Cheers, and enjoy your own BC wine experience.


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