Our Family Holiday Pick’s from SportChek!

Hey there, beautiful Canadians and honorary Canadians (basically, anyone with a penchant for saying “sorry” a lot). It’s your friendly Canadian Justin Pasutto here, and I’ve teamed up with the folks at SportChek to bring you a collection of must-haves gifts to elevate your families winter escapades.

1.YETI Rambler Beverage Bucket | 2. The North Face Men’s ThermoBall Traction V Denali Mules | 3. K2 Mindbender Team Junior Skis 2023 | 4. Rossignol Fun Girl J3 Junior Ski Boots 2020/21 | 5. Helly Hansen Women’s Snowplay Insulated Jacket | 6. The North Face Men’s McMurdo Bomber Parka | 7. Beats Studio Pro Wireless | 8. The North Face Women’s ThermoBall Traction V Denali Mules

Let’s dive into my cool-as-ice picks, shall we?

YETI Rambler Beverage Bucket

First off, nothing screams ‘party in the tundra’ like a YETI Rambler Beverage Bucket. Perfect for storing a medley of beverages for your outdoor shindigs, this bucket’s insulation is like Fort Knox for coolness, safeguarding against the relentless Canadian cold. And because YETI understands you might have your hands full this holiday season, they’ve ensured the handle is easy to grip.

K2 Mindbender Team Junior Skis 2023

For the aspiring shredder juniors, the K2 Mindbender Team Skis are where it’s at. Sporting a design that’s as flashy, these skis offer phenomenal control and the versatility for kids to navigate both groomed runs and fresh powder. Even though my heart hurts a little that one of my kids doesn’t want to pursue snowboarding, I know they will be flying down the mountain in these skis.

Rossignol Fun Girl J3 Junior Ski Boots 2020/21

Paired up with those skis, we’ve got the Rossignol Fun Girl J3 Junior Ski Boots for the young ski enthusiasts in your life. They’re like a warm hug from a polar bear (minus the claws and the mortal danger), featuring a comfort-fit liner to keep toes toasty. Plus, with a focus on ease of use, young skiers can gear up quicker than I can as a full grown adult.

The North Face Men’s McMurdo Bomber Parka

Moving into the gift I’m giving myself this holiday seaosn, The North Face Men’s McMurdo Bomber Parka. This is a jacket I wish I had for all the previous winters i’ve experienced. It combines urban aesthetics with rugged outdoor resilience. I will be reaching for this parka all winter long.

Helly Hansen Women’s Snowplay Insulated Jacket

Ladies, do you want to build a snowman without freezing your assets off? Helly Hansen’s Women’s Snowplay Insulated Jacket has got you covered, quite literally. With synthetic insulation and a life pocket to keep your phone from turning into a popsicle, you’ll be the last one standing in any snowball fight.

Beats Studio Pro Wireless

Give the gift of noise cancellation this Christmas, the Beats Studio Pro Wireless are here to deliver crisp, uninterrupted sound while you spend the holidays stuck inside with your family. The noise-canceling feature is so good, it’s like having your own personal sound booth, you’ll be racing your spouse to enjoy some peace and quiet with these headphones.

The North Face Men’s and Women’s ThermoBall Traction V Denali Mules, Slippers

Lastly, whether you’re cozied up in the cabin après-ski or just braving the journey from your bed to the coffee maker, The North Face ThermoBall Traction Mules are like a paradise for your feet. They’re the Swiss army knife of slippers — tough, comfy, and not entirely out of place during a quick jaunt to the store.

So pop into SportChek or click your way to their website for these winter wonders. Remember, there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Or was it bad clothes? Either way, with this gear, you’ll be so ready to face the cold, it’ll feel like summer in Canada.

Stay warm


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