Fix Unwanted Lawn Spots With This Dog Spot Repair Mixture!

Many of you have been asking, and I am finally sharing my recipe for repairing unwanted grass spots left behind from your dogs. It’s taken me a while to find the perfect concoction, but I have finally nailed down the perfect mixture! I’m not a pro, but this dog spot repair works great for me and my yard, and I hope it does the same for yours.

Dog Spot Divot Repair Recipe

Dog Spot Repair Recipe

  • Any good clean soil will work. Avoid soils with large debris.

  • Dolomite Lyme for Lawn (don’t mix into your dog spot mix, apply separately first)

  • Any grass seed that matches the area you want fixed.

  • Use a “Starter” Fertilizer. (23,23,3) is what I use.

  • Water every day.

Step 1: Make Dog Spot Repair Mix

First things first, you will need to find a bucket or even a wheelbarrow big enough so you can mix everything together.

Once you get your bucket or wheelbarrow, you will want to fill it with 2/3 full of dirt. Pro tip: make sure your dirt is comprised of at least 40% sand. It is going to help with the leveling properties when you put it down on your lawn. Next, grab your grass seed and fill up 1/4 of the bucket, then add fertilizer and fill 1/4 of the bucket as well. I like to add the grass seed in first and then follow with the fertilizer and then mix it together thoroughly.

The ratios depend on the amount of soil and the container you are using, but a general rule is quarter grass seed, quarter fertilizer, and the rest soil. If in doubt, add more seed and fertilizer. Oh, and don’t be afraid to reapply and change up some ratios if it didn’t work the first time. Everyone’s soil is different.

Justin Pasutto's Dog Divot Mixture
Cure Yellow Lawn Spot with This Mixture

Step 2: Prep Your Dog Spot

Next, you will want to prep your dog spot, which means removing all of the dead grass in the actual spot. Rake it up, or use your hands. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but just try to remove as much of the dead grass as possible and loosen the soil underneath before adding the mixture.

Fix Burnt Grass with This Mixture
Dog Spot Repair Mixture

Step 3: Add Dolomite Lyme

Take a small handful of Lyme and sprinkle it on the spot. It doesn’t have to cover it all. You just want to get the majority of the spot covered with the Lyme. You may be wondering why you have to put Lyme down before you add your dog spot repair mix. The reason is, you have to treat the soil; when a dog pees on the lawn, the acid kills the grass, adding the Lyme neutralizes the soil so the grass seed can actually root and grow.

Step 4: Applying Your Dog Spot Repair Mix

You will want to take a couple of generous handfuls, depending on the size of your dog spot, making sure that you get full coverage and level it all out. Lastly, you’ll want to hit it with a little bit of water to activate the ingredients and start the process. Continue watering every day, and in about a week, you will start to see the grass sprouting, and in no time, the spot will be gone!

Dog Spot Repair

If you enjoy video content, make sure to check out The Justin Show Episode 2: Dog Spot Repair, here!

PSA: Always keep your dogs a safe distance away while applying your lawn products!

Good luck!


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